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Macanta is the ultimate platform for sales and marketing professionals to give their clients a fully-customized CRM. Whitelabel our services to deliver incredible value and awesome service – without losing the freedom and flexibility you’re used to.

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Do You Ever Feel Like Your Clients Are Having An Absolute Nightmare When It Comes To Tracking Data In Their Business?

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Let’s be honest. A lot of the people you’re working with probably aren’t the most tech savvy. And their knowledge of CRMs is pretty much non-existent. But when things go tits up, it’s never the software’s fault… It’s yours!


Whether your clients are missing out on sales left, right and centre, struggling to follow-up with hot leads or just making simple mistakes with user onboarding – their lack of understanding is making you look bad when you haven’t put a foot wrong.


It’s damn frustrating. And maybe you’re saying THESE things as a result…

We know dealing with clients isn’t easy when you already know they could be doing things a little differently and more efficiently.


Because guess what…

They’re Probably Using An Off-The-Shelf CRM That Knows Shit About Their Business. It’s a Square Peg In a Round Hole...

You may have already realised that your client’s CRM is the cause of their operational issues. Because if they’re using a one-size-fits-all platform, they’re running their business with a system designed by somebody who doesn’t understand it.


These crummy CRMs are contact-centric to the point of madness. All you get is a name, email and phone number. But what if you’re a mortgage advisor dealing with two applicants and a guarantor? Or a vet following-up with someone who owns three rabbits, a cat, two hamsters and a parrot?


You’re trying to connect data that just can’t be connected with the current system. And it just won’t play ball. Chances are your clients have had to shoehorn their processes into the provider’s software and had to change how they operate. It’s not automating what they want it to – and it’s causing them even more headaches.


Here’s why most CRMs aren’t fit for purpose if you’re working with small businesses:


Small business owners deserve a CRM that works for their business – without paying an expert thousands for a custom solution.


And you can help them get it…

With Macanta, You Can Build a CRM Tailored To THE SPECIFIC NEEDS OF YOUR CLIENTS! (yes, seriously...)

If you’re a consultant, agency or sales and marketing professional, you probably want to give your clients a CRM that helps them get up and running quickly, create relevant, efficient processes and finally stop sending hot leads to the graveyard.


But here’s the thing… There’s nobody out there – no single piece of software – who can fully systemise a business! Users end up paying through the nose for a so-called custom solution that charges them maintenance everytime they make a change.


And the outcome ain’t pretty. Your clients simply don’t have the tools they need to succeed. Systems are inflexible, decentralised and end up pissing them off to the point where they just want to give up, kick you to the curb and call it a day.


And that’s the major issue! Other CRMs (maybe even the one you’re recommending right now) are so generic it hurts. They don’t capture anything other than a name, email or birthday – and they’re totally customer centric, NOT data centric.


Even worse, any additional information about your customers and their transactions is usually stored in other systems – a real recipe for complication and frustration. So… To be honest… We think other CRMs just plain suck (there we said it).

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CRM for franchises

But Macanta’s something else…

Oh – and don’t tell us “there’s no way I can build a CRM on my own” because Macanta is designed for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

Perfect systems have never been so simple…

If You’ve Been Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall About Your Current Systems… STOP! There’s a Way To End The Pain.

Choosing the right CRM might be the only missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to making life simpler for your clients (and you!). It’s crazy, really. Something that should be easy is preventing you from delivering a complete service that keeps people happy.


Well… We want to show you exactly how Macanta can help you grow, believe and achieve when it comes to keeping small business owners at the top of their game.

This Is a Day In The Life BEFORE Using Macanta…

CRM User

And This Is a Day In The Life AFTER Using Macanta (you’re welcome)...

Macanta CRM for Franchises

When you take a look at your clients’ CRM, they’ve probably been struggling for years. But you can rid their business of chaos.

Say hello to consistency and predictability…

“Sounds Great! But I’m Not Made of Money. What’s The Damage?”

We’re glad you asked! At Macanta, we HATE software providers with different packages and structures that bankrupt and bamboozle small business owners – so we like to keep things super simple…


There are no Starter, Starter Plus, Basic, Basic Basic, Premium Basic, Premium, Deluxe Starter or Deluxe Premium options to wrap your walnut around – there’s just one catch-all subscription for just £29 per user, per month.


Oh – and as an added bonus, we always bill you in native currency so nobody’s stung with annoying FX fees!


And here’s the best part… If a user doesn’t log into the CRM during the billing period – we won’t charge for them! Your clients should only fork out the cash for a user if they’re actually using our software, right?


By the way… The average ROI for each user is £203 per month based on improved efficiency, faster onboarding and increased time savings.


So your clients are going to LOVE you (you’re welcome)…

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The Macanta Magic That Helps Your clients Find Process Nirvana...

Role Based Interface

Role-Based Interface

Create a custom interface based on which user is logged-in to help your team focus solely on their specific roles.

Contact Based Interface

Contact-Based Interface

Build a dynamic interface that only displays information to the user relevant to the contact being viewed.

All Data

All The Data, All The Time

Collect and automate around information to create an overall view and history of prospects and customers.

True Automation

True 'If This, Then That' Automation

Create whole-franchise automation rules to help you run your network more effectively than ever before.

Contact Views

Granular Contact View Permissions

Restrict access to contacts, data and functionality based on the specific role a user plays in your business.

Integration and API

Comprehensive Integration and API

Send out webhooks from Macanta or update records via the API - no matter which system you’re using.

Here’s How Whitelabelling With Macanta Works...

Step 1


First, we’ll learn a bit more about your business and who you’re working with. We’ll ask a bit more about the kind of information and relationships that drive the success of your clients. Once we all agree that it’s going to be a great fit for everyone, we’ll give you everything you need to start using our services.

Step 2


Now it’s time to set up the CRM your clients need today, tomorrow and for years to come. You’ll get full use of the Macanta software. And you’ll have complete control! You choose the branding, layout, sections and subsections across their operations and grant permissions for information based on their needs.

Step 3


After setup, you get to define exactly what happens to the information and relationships in your clients’ CRM using an ‘if this, then that’ approach. They’ll be able to automatically track and update information, as well as create tasks, notes, reminders, emails and more. Getting great results has never been easier!

Step 4


More than anything, Macanta is about helping your business deliver a superior service. And your clients need the ability to develop their CRM over time. With Macanta, they can adapt their CRM as their needs change over time, without the pain of choosing and implementing a new system every few years.

Step 3

Sit Back & Look Good (Bonus 5th Step)

With Macanta, you win big. You get to use our amazing software (yeah, we’re bragging) - but 100% matched to your company branding. You’ll be able to provide the best service possible to your clients, supercharge their results and keep them smiling from ear to ear. Now that’s what we call a no brainer…

Our simple process helps you provide your clients with a CRM which grows and evolves with their business – tailored to their requirements.

It’s what sets us apart from all the other solutions in the market!

Other CRMs Are ‘Like Using a Meat Grinder To Slice Potatoes’ That’s What Our Users Say, Anyway...

It means that Macanta is the only way to get the exact results your clients need to get the best results – fully customisable and built to match their specific requirements. You’ll deliver a personalised service that puts your processes back in their hands. That’s just one of the things that makes Macanta better than the rest.


Here are the others…

We are transparent


At Macanta, we’re open and upfront in everything we do. With clear, simple and fair pricing structures, open public development roadmaps and a CEO who shares all of his KPIs – we put our users first and never pull the wool over your eyes.

We’re Human

Macanta is pretty darn accessible. Whether it’s in our people, our product or our partnerships, we focus on making things as easy for our users as possible so your experience on our platform is enjoyable, efficient and effective.

We are human
We are connected


Partnering with Macanta is more than just getting a CRM. We want to do meaningful work as part of meaningful relationships that genuinely help business owners achieve their personal and professional aspirations – no questions asked.


Macanta is here to cause a scene. Trust us, we’re disrupting the CRM market like never before. We want to take everything you think you know about business operations and automation, tear it up and recreate a solution that actually works.

We are brave
We are evolving


Grow your business or die, right? If you’re trying to provide a superior service, everything needs to be better tomorrow than it was today. And that’s what we carry through our software – it’s always developing, moving forward and getting stronger.

All This & More Is Why People Love Using Macanta...

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So If You’re Finally Ready To:

Help your clients get the most out of your service...

Boost the performance of their business (and your own)...

Save an unreal amount of time, money and frustration…

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