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Eagle Relocations

Eagle Relocations

28 hours saved per week – Zero data duplication – Adaptable and future-proof

Who’s the client?

Eagle Relocations is an international relocation specialist with a busy sales team. They receive leads from lots of different brokers and comparison websites every day so have plenty of clients to deal with and lots of relationships to manage.

What was the problem?

On the old system, there was too much confusion and duplication of data between the sales team and the brokers and comparison websites. Data entry was being done manually and taking up too much of the sales team’s time and energy. Realistically, they needed a CRM with a super simple interface, one that could be integrated with their WebChat platform, their brokers’ websites and the price comparison sites that were generating leads for them.

What did we do?

We created a Macanta system that uses REST API and Zapier integrations for seamless data flow from third party websites. Leads generated on other websites automatically feed through to the CRM as an “opportunity”, and then to the relocation management platform via Webhook Actions, meaning there’s no need to manually transfer information between the different systems. 


Every new lead now automatically creates a contact in Macanta and assigns it to a sales agent. That agent then receives automatically generated tasks and notes to prompt them to keep the lead conversion process moving. The system schedules calls and video surveys via an online diary, and any booking details are updated within the opportunity data. Once the opportunity moves into the relocation management platform, it’s removed from the agent’s workflow.

Why did it work?

By switching from manual to automated processes, Eagle Relocations have cut out the potential for human error and stopped duplicating work entering new lead data. They’re saving around 28 hours of manual data entry every week, and they’ve now got a system that can be quickly and easily amended to keep up with the business’s progressions and developing sales processes.

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