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JDH Reports

JDH Reports

54 hours saved per week – Automatic invoice generation – No more human error

Who’s the client?

JDH Reports are a small team of solicitors who manage and process financial claims for their clients. Thing is, their workload is massive, and that was proving difficult for such a small team to handle without an adequate process management system.

What was the problem?

There could be any number of contacts for each unique case, and JDH Reports wanted to manage them all in one place. They were wasting a lot of time on admin and ideally needed a system that would automatically assign solicitors or report providers for each case. They also wanted to bring more automation into their processes and communications to cut out human error and save more time.

What did we do?

We created a system that centres around cases rather than contacts, so that JDH Reports could manage multiple related contacts within each case. We made a customisable system that allows team members to detail case-specific data requirements, which are then reflected in the interface.


Whenever a new case is sent from a third-party platform, it’s auto-assigned to a solicitor and automated communication begins. An internal file handler and external report provider is automatically associated with the case, with automated requests for extra information made and notifications received whenever documents are uploaded. The system automatically calculates fees and generates invoices to clients too.

Why did it work?

Macanta’s REST API makes for super slick integration with the third-party software platform where enquiries are made. The JDH team now enjoy a simple access dashboard where they can view reporting of all cases, at any stage of the process. The team’s become more productive with fewer errors made, as they can now rely on automated notifications to prompt them to complete tasks. The system cuts out around 54 hours of manual data entry per week, and JDH Reports were relieved not to have to invest time or cost in custom coding from scratch to get the bespoke system they wanted!

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