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Prestige Business Management

Prestige Business Management

Zero January HMRC deadline panic – Automated tax reminders – Confident clients

Who’s the client?

Prestige Business Management is a chartered accounting firm that looks after commercial businesses and consumers. Working with big businesses, start-ups and individuals, they were looking for a solution that could be very flexible and help them avoid the usual chaos before the January tax return deadline.

What was the problem?

Thanks to the diversity of their customer base, every job is very different, and Prestige had spent years trying to muck together a CRM that could account for all their clients’ individual quirks and nuances. Thing is, the CRM was centred around individual contacts rather than companies, and it couldn’t quite hack it, which meant processes weren’t smooth and automation didn’t really happen. Really, they needed a system that could send clients automated reminders and communication based on their situation and HMRC filing requirements – and avoid confusion if one individual owned multiple companies.

What did we do?

We created a Macanta system that centres around companies rather than contacts, and which is complete with full mapping of all accounting information (which is a legal requirement in the UK). Users can create individual flows for each company according to HMRC’s defined processes, to account for the various unique deadlines and requirements. 


All processes start with the company itself, under which the various contacts are listed according to their job roles. There’s an “individual information” data object for each contact too, so personal tax returns can be managed via an automated processes within the same company.

Why did it work?

Users can now manage multiple businesses according to their own unique processes, even if they’re all owned by one individual customer. All reminders for tax returns and quarterly VAT returns are now automated, including information requests to clients and confirmation that information has been received and payments made to HMRC. 


Prestige’s clients feel more confident as a result, and Prestige save a lot of time chasing their customers for information! They’re no longer overlapping any processes where one individual has multiple companies. And they’ll avoid the usual chaos before the January tax return deadline as the system gathers information from clients throughout the entire year.

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