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Solicitor Network

Solicitor Network

120 hours saved per week – Central hub for multiple brands – Automatic case assignment

Who’s the client?

Solicitor Network is a UK group of solicitors who specialise in employment law. 

When a potential client calls about a new case, a qualified solicitor makes an assessment before passing the case to the best-placed professional in the network. The network uses three different brands to take cases, so their process management needs are fairly complex.

What was the problem?

Hundreds of hours were being wasted every month on manual data entry in an antiquated system that didn’t allow for automated processes for multiple contacts per case. With so many solicitors based all around the country, they needed a simple, central system that could be rolled out across the network. They also needed a way of keeping sensitive information accessible only to one solicitor.

What did we do?

We created a central system that could manage extensive, complex data by focusing on cases rather than contacts. Now, every time a new enquiry arrives via any of the three branded websites, a new case and client contact is automatically created in the Macanta system and the client receives an automated email. 


Various team members are automatically given responsibility for the case according to their role and tasks are created, with the case automatically assigned via round robin to the next solicitor. The solicitor can accept or decline the case, and either action will trigger appropriate automation or reassignment.

Why did it work?

Users can now configure the data set to match their needs rather than trying to shoehorn their business into the old system, and they can control automation as far as they want too. Access for each solicitor is now restricted to their own cases, to help maintain privacy. And now that all the information for every case is in one place, the automation engine is performing more than 2,800 tasks every week, saving around 120 hours of manual data entry and admin. Time and money are being saved every day, and the network’s become much slicker too.

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